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Tired of NOT Achieving the Sales Revenue That You Know Your Business Can Achieve?

Discover How You Can Substantially Improve Your Top-Line - No Major Expenditure Required!

Sometimes you are just too close. You know for a fact that you can achieve much more sales that you are presently experiencing. But you just can not put your finger on it. Nor can your team…

This is where we come in.

In 1946, Arthur ‘Red’ Motley, who then was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Parade Magazine stated “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” And, when you think about it, this is quite correct.

Without sales, there are no orders. No orders mean no business. No employment etc.. 

But as important as sales are to an organization, sales by itself can not make a business run efficiently or make it optimized. To do this you MUST have systematic processes in place.

Ahhhhh…. again this is where we come in.

"Optimal business success is the result of careful strategic planning and the implementation of time-proven, systematic processes."

Martin Howey

This is our 9-Step Process for Your Company​

So What is the Cost?

Glad you asked…

We work on a small retainer fee and a percentage of the additional revenue above and beyond what you are achieving now. So is we do not increase your business revenue we get ‘Zilch’! ‘Nada’! Absolutely nothing!

Give us a call TODAY to schedule a No-Obligation Discovery Meeting. Or, if you want, click here to send us a message.

We DO NOT work with every type of business. Let’s face it. We have rules too.

We chose to refrain from engaging in some business types not for any reason other than our RULES stated below.

The Businesses That We Work With...

We do not work with companies that have extremely low profit margins.

We do not work with companies that have restricted or very limited cash flow.

We do not work with businesses that have a long sales cycle.
Last, we do not work with companies who’s owners uncommitted, dishonest and / or unethical.

We Love To Work With You...

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inflex business consulting & brokerage
the only 'go to' resource for solving business problems

Welcome To Inflex Business Consulting & Brokerage

We can provide you with solving most of your business’s pain points. We are experienced Marketing & Business Development Consultants and we are also certified Business Intermediaries. 

Expert and Professional

Over 34 years of knowledge in various industries.

Business Valuations

We provide business valuations as part of our fee.

Business Optimization Strategies

We look at your business and provide Business Optimization Strategies to maximize your Returns.

Corporate Training Programs

Leadership, Marketing, Customer Service, Negotiating... we have it all.

Selling Your Business?

We facilitate the sale in a Confidential Manner in the shortest possible time frame.

Digital Marketing

We leverage different online marketing channels to build your brand and your business.

Our Services

We provide B2B consultancy services on the following categories: Marketing and Business Development, Digital Social Marketing, Corporate Training and last but by no means least, we provide Business Sales & Acquisitions inclusive of valuations. 

To find out more, click on either the menu at the top under ‘Our Services’ or the buttons below to access each category.

Marketing and Business Development Consultancy

Just can't get Revenue to increase? Sales a bit flat? Or you know that there are significant inefficiencies in the organization? We can help. That's our speciality. Call us today.

Business Sales & Acquisitions

So you want to exit the business and take your 'retirement' income. It is time to sell. But you don't know how and to whom. We do that!. Call us today.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing leverages social media channels to better communicate with your customers and build your brand. We know how! We have a separate division that specialize in this area. Click the button below to visit the website.

Corporate Training

Looking to train your sales team on the latest and best sales methods? Or simply Customer Service Training? You've come to the right place. We provide a lot of programs. Click below for more information.

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Struggling with your Top Line?
We Grow Your Business

Let us do what we do best while you focus on your business. We can provide you with results driven Top Line Consulting. We don't get you results? Then you pay nothing!

We Focus on SMEs

Small to Medium Companies are the life-blood of every capitalist economy. They are the creators of employment and drives industry. We work for you and not big business. Why not call us today for a no obligations Discover Call.

What Our Customer Says

A view from some of our customers…
I am so happy with the results provided by Jerome and his team. At first I was a bit skeptical but by the end of the first period the results spoke for itself.
Elizabeth Thomas
Owner - Island Beauty Supplies
I was afraid to advertise on Google for my business in Barbados. I tried in the past and I lost money. But Inflex Business came through with flying colours.
Adrian Hypolite
Founder - Solar Systems International
I always wanted to sell my business as my children were not interested in it and have gone on building their own professional practice. Inflex did a fantastic job.
Robert H Sampson
CEO - Caribbean Auto Dealers and Imports

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