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So you have decided for one reason or the other to sell your business. Perhaps it is time to retire. Perhaps you no longer have the passion.

For what ever your reason, we have you covered.

Our clients come to us simply because they would like to achieve the best possible price in the shortest amount of time while keeping the transaction completely confidential. In other words, vendors, employees and customers must not know. 

Again we have you covered.

The Process

Step 1

As your Business Broker, the first thing that we do is meet with you to get an appreciation of your business, the team and it’s operations. This is done discretely of course. In other words, we analyze your business.

Step 2

We then determine a suitable selling price. This is when it can get ‘tricky’ in the sense that personal sentiments can get in the way. To avoid this, we can execute a pricing analysis or you the owner can get a business valuation done from a 3rd party.

Step 3

We continue where we left off from Step 2. We determine an appropriate Selling price based on Key metrics such as historical sales, present financial position and compare these figures with similar businesses.

Step 4

Once a selling price is determined, we then start the networking process to find an appropriate qualified buyer. The key here is ‘qualified’. Again this is done very discreetly.

Step 5

We ensure that we work FOR YOU!. We control all information flows between any potential buyer until such time as an appropriate offer is obtained. This ten is presented to you the owner for a decision.

Step 6

To ensure that you get the best price, we ensure that there are enough competitive buyers for your business. In this way we believe that you will get the best price. 

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