Buy A Business

Looking for a Business to Purchase?

Like buying a house, buying a business is probably one of the largest and biggest decisions that you make in your lifetime. This is why it is imperative to work with a Business Intermediary that can seek your interest.

How We Can Assist...

Follow these Steps:

Step 1

Full out the form on the right or call us at 1-868-388-8773 to discuss your thoughts and ideas.

Step 2

After our initial Discovery Call (Step 1), you can then proceed to download our FREE Guide on How to Buy a Business. This can be obtained from HERE.

Step 3

Based on our discussions during the Discovery Meeting, we will begn a search for the type of business that you profiled.

Step 4

In the mean while, we would send you some documents via email that you must complete and return to us.

Step 5

Once we find a suitable business, we will arrange a meeting with you and discuss the opportunity in which time we ask that you sign selective agreements such as a NDA.

Step 6

You should then proceed to complete a Due Diligence if the opportunity looks good to you. We will assist in each step until such time as you close.

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